Just Beginning

ISBN-10: 0989045048
ISBN-13: 978-0989045049 Print

December 10, 2014

Just Beginning

From award-winning author, Theresa Rizzo, comes this prequel to bestselling Just Destiny

Twenty-something Jenny Campbell's life has been a series of screw-ups, and the latest one endangered her little brother's life. But when she falls for sophisticated Gabe Harrison, she has a chance to turn her life around...if she can keep her past a secret.

Gabe's career as a successful doctor has left just enough time for his teenage children and little else. But when beautiful, vivacious Jenny comes along, she breathes love and happiness into his lonely life. There's only one problem: their families are opposed to their relationship. Money and age differences mean nothing to Gabe as long as they have trust, love, and respect.

But can two out of three be good enough?

Trevor Allen I'm so excited about this new cover... my cover photo was taken by this amazingly talented Nova Scotian photographer, Trevor Allen. He's a big bear of a man, who strikes me as being friendly and totally unpretentious, and he takes the most wonderful photos. I love the emotions he evokes through the mastery of his work. Too bad he has to live so dang far away from Colorado! Take a look: Trevor Allen Photography, Blog, or Facebook.

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