He Belongs To Me

ISBN-10: 0989045013
ISBN-13: 978-0-9890450-1-8 Print
ISBN-13: 978-0-9890450-0-1 e-book

June 1, 2013

He Belongs to Me

He Belongs to Me is a love story . . . a tale of betrayal and deception and of a young mother's determination to recover what belongs to her.

Forced to leave her baby and tricked into relinquishing her parental rights, four years later Catherine Boyd is back and she'll do anything to regain custody of her son--even reconcile with the husband falsely accused of killing their son's twin.

All in the name of love for a little boy, generations of pain and tragedy are exposed in a courtroom drama.

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Praise for He Belongs to Me

"Theresa Rizzo offers up a story of a family torn apart by secrets and lies, and a woman's courageous journey to reclaim the truth. This is a perfect blend of suspense and romance, for readers who can't resist a page-turner."

--Susan Wiggs--#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

"This is a story that will command the attention of any parent, and probably everyone else, too. The courtroom battles are especially gripping, filled with twists and turns. Theresa Rizzo knows how to speak to the heart."

--William Bernhardt-New York Times Bestselling Author

"I enjoyed the story and the journey the family had to take to discover the truth and begin the process of healing. Ms. Rizzo has a true writing skill that will lend itself to a colorful career. I definitely recommend this read and look forward to watching Ms. Rizzo's career blossom and strengthen."

--Jamala Goodman, Guest Writer for IAmJmariie Magazine

"Heart wrenching. A story every mother will love to read, but will pray never happens to them. A highly relatable and well-crafted cast of characters and a plot that both thrills and angers the reader simultaneously. Emotional, beautifully written, and well-paced. I enjoyed this story tremendously. The cover is story and genre appropriate and the opening line is attention grabbing. Nice opening and closing chapter hooks. Secrets, betrayals, old wounds and new beginnings this story has it all. Well done and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future."

--Judge, Writer's Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

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